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Identifying the Top Causes of Knee Pain

Knee pain is the common cause that is present in many individuals irrespective of their gender. The pain can be either inside the joint of the knee or outside the area. Sometimes any of the bone structure around the knee, i.e., fibula, femur, tibia or ligament, cartilage, kneecap or tendons show inflammation and cause pain in the knee. Once started, it gets worse when you undergo any physical activity like exercise, treadmill or any injury in the foot area.

With more and more factors contributing towards knee pain, issues about knee issue have arisen a lot. The knee injury replacement depends mainly upon the probable cause of the pain. The article highlights the causes of knee pain which are as follow:

Main Causes of Knee pain

These are the following common top causes of knee pain and injury:

1. Mechanical Problems

It includes all those issues and reasons which cause pain in the knee.

Due to Loosened body

In case of any injury or process degeneration of the cartilage or a bone, the break down in the bone can happen. Though the process does not cause any harm, still it makes the joint pain especially when the knee is moved. Wherever the loose body is, it can cause sudden pain.

Lliotibial band syndrome

When the tissues on the outer knee rub tight against the outer hip, it causes pain, and the syndrome occurs. In this syndrome, the pain starts from the buttock and gets to the left side of the lateral thigh.

Foot or Hip pain

When you develop pain in either hip or afoot, you need to change your walking style. Sometimes the stress is on other areas as well as the knee joint. As time passes, the unequal pressure on the knee degenerates them which can cause injury to the cartilage or meniscal.

Dislocated Kneecap

When the frontal bone of the knee which covers the front portion moves away from its actual position, it causes kneecap dislocation. Even under the skin, the dislocation can be found sometimes.

2. Due to ACL Injury

Torn Meniscus

Between the thighbone and shinbone, there is a rubbery and tough cartilage shock absorber. Sometimes the minor reason for injury becomes when you carry any hard object which can even twist the movements. During the meniscus pain, one is not able to walk or stand for long.


The bone of the knee can be damaged due to motor incident of other incidents of fall. Osteoporosis happens when the bones are weakened due to sudden injury owing to any wrong posture of steps. Osteoporosis can even occur without trauma. When start, you cannot put more weight on the knee due to intense pain.

Knee Bursitis

The sac-like fluid-filled bursae provides amply cushion support to the knee joint. At times owing to inflammation, the pain and discomfort arise in the knee which is also one of the reasons for a knee injury. When you walk with inflammation, it makes it even harder and more painful. Normally, the pain remains in the middle part of on the inner side of the knee.

Above are some of the causes of knee pain which can make you discomfort when you walk. When you go to a doctor for getting knee pain treatment done, it is also advisable to first figure out the probable cause of the pain, only then the cure begins.